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Oakleaf Academic is devoted to publishing and education in the bioscience areas, with a focus on chemobioinformatics and drugs.

Oakleaf Academic is founded by professionals with a long-standing experience in biomedicine, chemobioinformatics, industrial drug development, software development and education.

Oakleaf Academic publishes books and collaborates on internet based courses. For inquiries and information on upcoming titles and courses please contact us by email.


Introduction to Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the new discipline of Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics.

Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics is a new discipline in the area of the genomics revolution. It is central to biomedicine, with applications in pharmacy, medicine, biology and medicinal chemistry. The genomics revolutions has given high throughput methods for massive gene sequencing, chemical synthesis and biological testing. This creates oceans of new information. Pharmaceutical bioinformatics is all about how to take advantage of this massive and rapidly accumulating sea of information, at the interface of chemistry and biology.

The book is an introduction to the biologist, medical professional, chemist or pharmacist with an interest to learn how informatics technologies can be used to understand biological processes, create new drugs and improve pharmacotherapies. The book will be suited to both the student at the undergraduate level with a basal knowledge in biology and chemistry, and the professional who wants a comprehensive introduction to the field.

To order the book send mail to info@oakleafacademic.com.


Internet course on Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics by Uppsala University

Are you working or studying in the area of the life sciences? Do you have a keen interest to learn how computers can be used to understand the life processes? Are you curious how modern informatics tools can be used to unravel the inner mysteries of the cell - even down to its deepest molecular and chemical levels? Do you want to learn how to analyze genome information to understand the mechanisms behind diseases from a chemical point of view? Do you want to know about frontier technologies to develop novel drugs? Does your area relate to medicinal chemistry? If you can answer yes to any of these questions this course is for you!

To sign up for the course and receive more info, go to: pharmbio.org.


Oakleaf arranges and participates in conferences in the chemobioinformatics area.

For information on the upcoming conference 1st International Conference on Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics vist icpb.net.